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Build Once, Sell Forever - How I Create & Sell Digital Products With Gumroad

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Sell 20 ebooks at $50. It pays your monthly mortgage payment.

Sell 10 planners at $10. It pays for your weekly grocery shopping.

Sell 5 templates at $10. It pays for Sunday brunch.

That's the power of digital products.

We are living in a world where everyone wants to create a system of their own. 

There was a time when we, the creators relied on other marketplaces for selling digital products. We were at the mercy of those platforms.

If they change the rule, then we have to comply with it. Doesn't matter if it's in our favor or not.

Not to forget the amount of time they take to send us our hard-earned money.

I believe that every creator should have a system of their own where they not only make consistent sales but also own the customers.

And that's only by selling directly.

Why do I sell my digital products on Gumroad?

  1. Minimalist
  2. Free newsletter
  3. Paid every week
  4. I get affiliates selling my digital products
  5. Has a marketplace - free money

What type of Digital products can I sell?

Sell anything - ebooks, audiobooks, templates, podcasts, video courses, membership, newsletters, workbooks, etc.

I don't know how to create one?

Ebooks are the easiest one. I have given two more profitable digital products that sell like crazy. .... with proof.

How to find what sells?

I have a secret list for you inside.

Simple Products. Consistent Sales. Higher Profits.

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Build Once, Sell Forever - How I Create & Sell Digital Products With Gumroad

7 ratings
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