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The Medium Program - Traffic, Engagement and Revenue

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This is a complete program that will help you to increase the engagement rate on your articles. The program has a routine at the end which I follow myself.

What will this program do?

This program will help you with -

  1. How to increase Views
  2. Have more Engagement
  3. How to make an article viral
  4. How to become a top writer on Medium (in your chosen niche)
  5.  How to increase followers (no Follow4Follow method here.)

Who This Program is for?

Bloggers, writers who want to make a business around the Medium platform or who are looking to draw traffic from this platform. 

What does this program contain?

This program has small chapters that can be completed within a few minutes each. No lecture, no long paras to make you confuse. They will be short and straightforward points based on my experience.

Proof -

Type “Earn $100 from writing shorts” on Google and see what comes up on the first page.

Top writer with only a few articles. 

Why do you need to be a top writer on Medium in your selected niche?

Only one thing - Money.

This book is concentrated on ways you can increase traffic to your post and not only increase followers but have them sign up for your newsletter. Nope, no free products in exchange for emails. Just your posts are enough to drive them.

Once you reach that level then monetize your Medium Account using these techniques -

1) Affiliate marketing in your niche

2) Medium Partners Program (If you are not in the selected country then still you will make enough as I am doing currently with my TWO Medium Accounts)

3) Sell your courses (One of my Top Earners on Medium)

Do I have to buy any SEO tools?

Nope. I don’t use any for my blog posts. So I won’t be suggesting you as well. You are free to experiment if you want, but I don't use any, so no recommendations as well.

Have any queries?

Email me at

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The Medium Program - Traffic, Engagement and Revenue

4 ratings
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