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How I Make Money Ghostwriting for Youtubers and Writers

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There is not just one way to earn money as a writer.

As a writer, I mostly write books that can be published under my own name. I have written more than 70+ self-published books under multiple pen names. But the pandemic taught me one of the biggest life lessons.

Not depending on one source of income doesn't matter even if you earn thousand of dollars from it.

During that time, I started working with YouTubers to write scripts for their channels. Later on, I shifted from Upwork to Fiverr for better and high-paying clients.

This book involves the tactics I have learned during my Ghostwriting Journey.

The various topics that are covered in this book -

  1. The foundation of the ghostwriting career.
  2. How to find your clients
  3. How to build a strong portfolio for your potential clients
  4. My secret weapon for book research and that's not ChatGPT or any paid AI tools.
  5. My ghostwriting framework
  6. and more!

Whether you want to ghostwrite for writers, non-writers, publishers, or YouTubers, this book will help you launch your Ghostwriting career with zero skills and zero investment. Just the same way I started mine!

If you have any questions, contact me at

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How I Make Money Ghostwriting for Youtubers and Writers

2 ratings
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